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About Addoa

About Addoa

We know your vision is important to you. That's why our vision is to help you share yours.

What's important to us is that we provide each of our clients with a superior experience from start to finish. When we're working with you, you'll notice our total care and dedication to your project. Our attention to our clients, passion for creative expression, and incredible value make us confident that you'll love working with us.

Since its inception, Addoa has provided business and organizations with a superior quality of creative services. These services include professional web, print, and logo design, as well as complete branding and identity solutions.

Addoa was established in 2007 by Isaac Chambers during the summer before his junior year of high school. Growing up as the digital world unfolded rapidly, Isaac learned alongside this evolution and saw the way the Internet was changing the way people communicate. The birth of Addoa came from the desire to help people make an impact using the right combination of new and traditional medias.

Meet the Founder

Photo of Isaac Chambers

Isaac Chambers

Isaac graduated from University Laboratory High School ("Uni") in Urbana, Illinois as part of the Class of 2009. Isaac was born in Urbana, IL, and has lived in the Champaign-Urbana area since birth. Isaac is currently attending Emory University where he is studying political science and business. Isaac has spent his past three summers living in Alaska. Isaac's interests include running (he runs for Emory's varsity track and field team), Ultimate Frisbee, photography, technology, skiing, biking, fishing, the outdoors, roller coasters, and politics.

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Why Choose Addoa?

  • We're Good at What We Do
    Building a good-looking website is not the same as building a good website. Our high level of skill and experience ensures the sites we build are solid both inside and out.
  • Talk with us Anytime
    We always strive to be available in case you have any questions or concerns. Contact us anytime- we'd love to talk. If we're not available, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
  • We're Passionate About our Work
    We're passionate about what we do and it shows in our work. Whether it's building a website, designing a logo, or talking with you about your online strategy, know that we're just as interested as you are.
  • Attention to Detail
    We know the little things count. We pay close attention to detail to make sure our work is thoughtful and complete.
  • Results Matter
    We want to make sure our work helps you reach your strategic goals. That's why we focus on results and like to discuss your goals and strategy with you.
  • We're on the Cutting Edge
    With technology evolving so rapidly, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. But don't worry-- we're on top of it for you. We're always keeping track of new trends and looking for ways to integrate new technology to keep our work modern and fresh.
  • We're Versatile
    We're good at web design, but we're good at other things to. We bring our knowledge and interests on a wide range of areas to the table.
  • We Get to Know You
    We care about your work– that's why we take the time to get to know you. We want to make sure we understand your unique needs so we can make our work targeted and relevant.